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We have a little space heater in our living room that has buttons just begging to be touched. Rae knows not to touch them, but obviously, Ally’s too little to understand. But Rae doesn’t understand that sometimes Ally’s allowed to do things she’s not, simply due to the fact that she’s “still a baby.”
This morning I left Rae and Ally downstairs as I ran up to grab a load of laundry. As I’m sorting, I hear Rae cry, “Mahhhhhhhom! Ally’s touchin’ the heeeeeeater!” Ah, the first tattletale.
I didn’t have a sister growing up. And although I’m thankful for my two amazing brothers, I tell my girls already how lucky they are to have a “built-in best friend.” From different sisters I’ve talked to, it seems like although most generally go through various rough patches as kids, they end up close as adults. And so today’s tattle-tale made me think of the joys of sibling-hood…and all that I have to look forward to raising two girls….

-“Mom! She’s looking at me!”
-“Hey! She’s messin’ up my picture!”
-Christmas morning…waiting turns to open presents!
-The constant influx of DRAMA!
-Sharing…barbies, clothes, makeup, hair-ties, friends.
-Sweet secret whispers and giggles after the lights are out.
-Splitting time in our only bathroom between three women.
-Who said what.
-Who has power over the remote-control.
-Snuggles and hugs!

Please! Share your special sibling/sister memories!