Home is…

…hot coffee, cupped with both hands as steam wets cheeks

…bread baking, filling cold kitchen with yeasty warm breath

…windows shuddering, as wind beats brick and I feel safe

…dancing girls in princess clothes, tottering heels and wild hair flying

…squeaky stair and worn-in chair

…husband’s hands, rough and warm, familiar and firm

…sauce-splattered stove and dinner-doused plates

…muddy shoes, swollen and neglected on back porch steps

What is home to you? Leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “Home is…

  1. …the familiar music droning from hubbys studio as I walk upstairs
    …Sunday morning bluegrass undertone, as I watch CBS Sunday Morning
    ….thumping of the kitties paws racing accross the carpet from room to toom
    …the smell of “glasses” as I call it. (We live above an opticians office)
    …my mother’s, father’s, grandmother’s, brothers’, or husband’s voice
    …that coffee smell that I cant stand, yet cant live without, every morning
    …and most cliche of all…but where the heart is 🙂

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