For Paint’s Sake!

If you’ve kept up with my blog, you know that Rae has a remarkable affinity for making messes (see Where the Wild Rage Runs and Don’t Cry Over Spilt Dirt) Well, today’s mess topped them all…

It was a rainy morning, so I decided to be a nice mommy and let Rae paint in the kitchen. She did great–spent a few minutes making a “beautiful,” muddy picture and then went on to doing other things. What I forgot to do, however, was put away the bin where I store the paints. I left it sitting on her bedroom floor, figuring I would put it away when I brought them up for naptime. We were all playing together downstairs, so I didn’t think it would be a problem. The bin was sitting in the middle of the room, after all, so it’s not like I wouldn’t notice it as soon as I walked in there with her.

Well, I was distracted by cleaning up the girls’ mac n’ cheese lunch, which gave Rae and Ally the perfect opportunity to make their way upstairs to play…you’re getting the picture, aren’t you? I’d forgotten all about the bin of watercolor, tempera, and fingerpaints, sitting very nicely in the middle of the room, begging to be played with.

I finished cleaning up Ally’s cheesy highchair then went upstairs to coral them into naps. But when I reached Rae’s room, I was greeted by the sharp smell of paint and a room and children covered in red, blue, green, and yellow. Paint was EVERYWHERE…on the bed, the dresser, the hardwood floors, the doors, the soft pink rug in the middle of the room. There were globs of paint, smears of paint, and hand and footprints of paint. And to top it off, there were my two angels, grinning ear to ear with paint in their hair, on their clothes, and coating their hands and feet. Ally even had paint in her mouth.

So I grabbed them, threw them (fully clothed) into the tub and called Hubby. “Pray for me,” I said, “I don’t even know where to begin.” Rae, of course, turned the water on as I was talking to him, so now their clothes weren’t only covered in paint, they were also soaking wet.

But as I write this, I’m feeling better. My tub is no longer decorated in red handprints, the girls smell sweet, the room is wiped down, and the washer is running. So that mess is taken care of….but I think I hear her with the markers in the kitchen…better go….


2 thoughts on “For Paint’s Sake!

  1. Honey..I just know there is a special crown in Heaven marked especially for you: “Reagans’s mommy”!! I love her so!!

  2. OOOOO Shannon. You handled it much better than I would have. I think I would have stood there and cried. How did the talk afterwards go? Did they understand why you can’t paint your bedroom with the play paint?

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