Baby Got a Booboo?

a mom blog

This past weekend while I was on our church’s women’s retreat, Hubby was in charge of the girls. On Saturday, He sent me picture via text of Rae’s face with scrapes all over her nose, a bloody, swollen upper lip, and sad puppy-dog eyes looking up at the camera. “WHAT HAPPENED?!” was my obvious reply. Apparently, they had finished up a shopping trip at Kohl’s and were walking outside on the icy sidewalk. Hubby called to her hold to his hand, but she yelled back over her shoulder, “I can’t, Dad! My hands are too cold” and she stuffed them in her pockets. .But even as she was speaking, she slipped on the ice and fell face first. And with no hands (or “bumpers” as my brother calls them) to catch a fall, her face got the brunt of it.
Poor baby. Blood was everywhere, practically squirting Hubby in the eye as he struggled to haul both girls back to the car (no one stopped to help…typical, right? Why take time out of your busy trip to Kohl’s to help a man struggling with two little children, one of whom is bleeding profusely from her face…?)
Well, I managed to keep my calm and avoid blaming Hubby for this unfortunate event. He felt awful, of course, and said to me, “I never, ever want to be a part of something like that again.”

This was one of Rae’s first big “boo-boos” (except for a time when she fell 5 feet out a window…but that’s a different story–and a lot less bloody). And it served as a reminder to me that although we’d like to, we cannot protect our children from everything. We can’t protect them from getting boo-boos, or from the playground bully, or from a broken heart–not even from death. I struggle with that relinquishing of control. I struggle with saying, “Yes, God…I realize that these precious little bundles were never mine to begin with and so I give them to you.” But it’s a gradual submission, I guess. A gradual recognition that despite how much I love them, God will always love them more. A gradual extension of trust, a gradual admission of faith.

But Rae seems to be handling it okay. When she looked in the mirror the first time after the boo-boo, she said, “I don’t look so good. The kids goin’ ta laugh at me and say I’m like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.” Well, Little Miss Rudolph–I think you look just plain wonderful.


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