Sick of being sick

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This winter has been terrible concerning illness for our family. From late Oct. to Jan, I personally have had four colds, and I feel like the girls have had leaky faucets for noses.
Well this past week we were all sick with the stomach bug. First Rae got it (at the fast food’s play-gym perhaps..?), and let me tell you…a three year old throwing up is quite dramatic. Not only was each round of upheaval accompanied by many groans and tears, but for whatever reason, she could NOT make it into the bucket. She must have thrown up more than 10 times, and not ONCE could she simply turn her head and aim for the bucket. It had to get all over her face, her hair, the carpet, her clothes, and her pillow…every time. Disgusting.
Then the following day, little Ally got sick twice during the night. I think it’s strange how everyone responds to sickness differently. For Rae, it was seven hours of dramatic vomiting and for Ally, it was two little bouts of throw up.
Well, then Hubby got it. (Oh my big strong man–he’s quite the baby when he’s sick.) And now, despite much hand-washing and sanitizing…today it hit me. I haven’t thrown up but I feel perfectly miserable.
I must admit, I’m not generally the nicest person to be around when I’m sick. Maybe it’s a result of the lingering smell of lysol in the air that makes me this way, or maybe it’s just the annoyance at being constantly needed despite just wanting to lay down and rest…whatever the cause, the result is one Grouchy Momma.
But being sick certainly does make one appreciate health, doesn’t it? As soon as we are all better, not only will I quarantine us from the world for a week or two (so that we don’t have to deal with this all over again on the heels of this virus), but I will also remember to praise God for two beautiful, healthy girls, one handsome and healthy husband, and my own strong body, given to me with the purpose of serving Him and others.
Now, please excuse me while I go get the lysol to disinfect the entire computer…


2 thoughts on “Sick of being sick

  1. I am sorry you have all been so sick. Our family too has been sick since the beginning of the school yr! Its nonstop with four kids too! I too can get so bitter that when they are sick its me who is there, when Jeff is sick its me who is there, and when I’m sick its ME who is there! Praying for you all to get better and for the daily struggles and joys of motherhood.

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