The Sound of M(otherhood’s)usic

a poem celebrating motherhood

The shrill, frequent quiver of a newborn’s cry,
2am feedings in silence of night.
Bouncing baby’s squeals of delight,
Cries of a toddler, wide-eyed with fright.

Hiccups and burps and whimpers and slurps.

The swing that needs oil, the cd that skips,
Overplayed Elmo and whining on trips.
Chewing, complaining, ‘There’s nothing to eat!’
Hushed pitter-patter of pajamma-ed feet.

Crashes and bangs and clatters and clangs.

The washer that hums, the bottles that clink,
The splashing at bath-time, the brushing of teeth.
Singing and shhing and creaking up stairs,
Gentle, sweet whispers and saying of prayers.

Giggles and laughter, and Happily, Happily Ever After.


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