Treasure up these things…

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My sister in law recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Holding her fuzzy, wiggling body flooded my heart with memories of my little girls as newborns….hairy ears, saggy, soft skin, curly tongues, whimpers and wails… And although it seems like ages ago that Rae was a “newbie,” strangely, it seems almost just as long ago that Ally was there too–even though it’s only been ten months!

Babies are amazing, aren’t they? In only a few months’ time, they go from being unable to roll over to speed-crawling (or, in Ally’s case, “knee-walking”), from grunts and groans to shrieks and squeals, from sleepy yawns to babbling phrases, from drinking milk to eating everything…including stickers and crayons from sister’s craft table.

I’m reminded of Mary, who “treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart” (Luke 2:19). I don’t want to rush through these early years of motherhood, lugging laundry, wiping faces, and mashing sweet potatoes, without taking time to treasure up these special things that, in a few years time, I’ll look back on with sentiment and fondness.

We mothers are so blessed! Not only are we privileged to form character, build trust, and instill morals, but we get the pleasure of hearing first words and holding little hand. By the time we reach the teenage years, the character, trust, and morals will still be our responsibility, but the conversations and snuggles will be much more limited. And although there are other special moments with older children, the daily “treasures” may feel few and far between. So while my children are still little, I want to allow every silly song sung, every tantrum tempered, and every peek-a-boo played, to help me “ponder in my heart” the treasure of motherhood.


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