I want a tu-tu too!

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This past Sunday we went to visit my parents, and we decided to attend church together as a family. My parents’ church has a pretty large sanctuary (holds about 1,300 people). Although I usually put the girls in nursery, I decided we could all sit together for at least the worship part of the service. Rae was standing in the aisle, happily drawing on a prayer card, when suddenly and out of NOWHERE, the Spirit struck her and she needed to “balleray” (as she calls it) down the aisle!
Off she went, arms floating overhead, skipping right to the front, when my mom finally caught up to her and brought her back to our row! As we were all giggling at her cuteness, the thought struck me that I’d love to have that freedom.
Children some how miss the fact that they’re supposed to care what others think, to fear what they might look like, to wonder who’s judging them. When Rae looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see chubby thighs or a big belly…she sees a beautiful, twirly dress and long, pretty hair. She doesn’t worry about what the grocery store clerk will think of her..she simply asks her name and then tells her she likes her nail polish. When she fights with a friend, she doesn’t make excuses or hold grudges…she cries hard then gives a hug and says “I’m sorry.”
I so admire my little girl, who–without caring what 1,300 people think–dances down the aisle…because she could. Because that’s what you do when there’s beautiful music. Because that’s what you do to worship the Lord! I want to dance. I want to sing and shout and laugh out loud and not care who’s watching…