Barber Shop

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I knew it was coming. She had watched a Dora episode where Boots needed a haircut and had to go to the Barber Shop. After the little “We Did It!” dance at the end of the show, we talked EXTENSIVELY about how little girls are NOT to cut hair…only Barbers should (or in her case, Mommy.) Oh…but I know my daughter. If something looks like fun–or if she feels it simply HAS to be done–then she will do it, regardless of the punishment. I could tell her that if she touches that cookie, I’ll chop her hand off and seriously, the look on her face would say, “Hmm….yep, I think it’s worth it,” as she reaches for the cookie.
And so, only three days later, I was only slightly amused and certainly not surprised when she came down the stairs holding scissors in one hand and a clump of hair in the other.
I scolded a bit and did the whole discipline thing, thinking all the while, “Is this what it’s going to be like FOREVER? Will I tell her to not to do something, knowing that she’ll probably do it anyway!?” Will I tell her to be nice to her sister, knowing that as soon as I turn my back, she’ll bully her into taking the dolly? Will I remind her to be home by midnight, and then remain awake plotting her punishment as the clock ticks past 1? Will I repeat, “Boys are the devil!” knowing that she’s probably already had her first kiss?
I hope and pray that by beginning to plant these little seeds of consequence, she will learn that Mommy may not always be right, but she sure as heck will follow through with what she says! And as she reaches for that cookie, I hope she’ll stop and think, “Hmm…the last time I did this I lost one hand…I don’t think I want to lose the other one.”…and she’ll grab a carrot instead.


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