Giving Thanks

I love listening to Rae pray. Whether it’s before meals, at bedtime, or as we’re driving in the car, we love to pray together. A common phrase she starts off her prayers with is “Thank you THANK you, God, for…” and depending on the situation, it might be “healing my boo-boo,” or “all my friends comin’ over,” or “this food’s sooooo good.” I feel so honored to be her mother when I hear her talk to God. And I feel so happy that she’s already learning the importance of giving thanks.
Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. Regardless of your religion, ethnicity, or political views, if you are an American, you can appreciate our country’s history and take time to give thanks. Don’t we take so much for granted? With all of the light-hearted jokes I make about motherhood and it’s laughable inconviences, I truly am thankful for my life. I praise God daily for my loving husband and my sweet girls. I’m thankful for my family’s health. I’m thankful for my cozy little home and my working minivan. I’m thankful that I’m able to stay home with my children and teach them and love them and hold them and rock them. I’m thankful that I live in a country with freedom of speech and religion and equality. I’m thankful that I’m a daughter of the King and that I have the assurance and hope of spending eternity with Him.
We should take time daily to remind our children of the good things in their lives. And as Thanksgiving approaches, why not think about doing something together to make your blessings apparent. Make a tree and decorate it with “thankful leaves” or write your blessings on smooth stones and place them in a basket as “thankfulness milestones.” Let’s all take time to say, “Thank you THANK you God for this life–this beautiful, precious life.”


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