Loads of Laundry

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Laundry is one of those household tasks I wish I had a maid for. It NEVER ends. I’ll feel like I’ve made a dent by sorting, washing, drying, and putting away four loads, only to remember that I need to change the sheets or wash the towels. Or maybe the baby throws up all over herself and her crib. Or maybe your little girl takes every article of clothing out of her dresser and hides them all over the house. (And the “smell test” doesn’t cut it because I swear she changes her clothes twenty-three times a day. So…into the washer they go.)
Laundry, like place settings at the dinner table, can symbolize the different stages of life. I think about the college student, wearing his last pair of clean underwear, driving home to mom so she can do it the way he likes. Or the newly weds with their neatly pressed, coordinated outfits, laid out the night before so they are ready to rush off to work in the morning. Then there’s the family with three teenage daughters with the mom who yells up the stairs, ‘Who left their lip gloss in their pocket!? Now it’s all over my blouse!” And the retired grandparents, wearing the same outfit for a five days in a row to conserve on their energy bill. But for moms with little ones at home, the biggest obstacle is just the sheer volume of it. It’s like the Energizer bunny–it just keeps going and going and going….
Don’t get me wrong…I’m thankful for my Kenmore washer and dryer. I’m thankful that I don’t have to put my laundry through a wringer-or worse–take it down to the river and scrub it on a rock. I’m even thankful that I don’t have to hang it on a line to dry (I’ve had way to many bad experiences with spiders and line-dried sheets). But once…just once…it’d be nice to have it magically appear back in my drawer, clean, pressed, and smelling like Snuggle.


One thought on “Loads of Laundry

  1. Oh Shannon!!! I feel your pain!!! 6 people to do laundry for SUCKS! I’m so obsessed with just getting one day where there is no laundry in any of the hampers that as I’m doing the loads I will go around and keep picking it all out of the basket to just return a few hrs later with more to do. It NEVER ends with 4 kids, a baby who has bad reflux and spits up on countless bibs, burp cloths, clothes, pjs, me and all my clothes – quite often down to my underwear and bra!…. and boys that love to roll in the dirt, a one yr old who I swear wears more of what she is trying to eat than actually gets in her stomach!!!….a husband who has work clothes, at home/going out clothes, and comfy/sleep clothes!!!

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