Thanksgiving Prayer


We thank you, God, for life and breath,
for love and food and happiness.
We thank you for our soft, warm beds,
a place to lay our weary heads.

We’re grateful for our mothers,
for our fathers, sisters, brothers.
For our children, growing strong and safe,
we ask you’d guide each step they take.
We thank you for our friends so dear,
those far away and those right here.
And for those we love who’ve gone ahead,
we thank you for the life they led.

Our hearts rejoice at what you’ve done
by giving Christ, your precious son.
We thank you for the price you paid
and ask that we would bless your name.
May you become great and we become less:
Honor yourself in our thankfulness.


Barber Shop

A mom blog

I knew it was coming. She had watched a Dora episode where Boots needed a haircut and had to go to the Barber Shop. After the little “We Did It!” dance at the end of the show, we talked EXTENSIVELY about how little girls are NOT to cut hair…only Barbers should (or in her case, Mommy.) Oh…but I know my daughter. If something looks like fun–or if she feels it simply HAS to be done–then she will do it, regardless of the punishment. I could tell her that if she touches that cookie, I’ll chop her hand off and seriously, the look on her face would say, “Hmm….yep, I think it’s worth it,” as she reaches for the cookie.
And so, only three days later, I was only slightly amused and certainly not surprised when she came down the stairs holding scissors in one hand and a clump of hair in the other.
I scolded a bit and did the whole discipline thing, thinking all the while, “Is this what it’s going to be like FOREVER? Will I tell her to not to do something, knowing that she’ll probably do it anyway!?” Will I tell her to be nice to her sister, knowing that as soon as I turn my back, she’ll bully her into taking the dolly? Will I remind her to be home by midnight, and then remain awake plotting her punishment as the clock ticks past 1? Will I repeat, “Boys are the devil!” knowing that she’s probably already had her first kiss?
I hope and pray that by beginning to plant these little seeds of consequence, she will learn that Mommy may not always be right, but she sure as heck will follow through with what she says! And as she reaches for that cookie, I hope she’ll stop and think, “Hmm…the last time I did this I lost one hand…I don’t think I want to lose the other one.”…and she’ll grab a carrot instead.

Giving Thanks

I love listening to Rae pray. Whether it’s before meals, at bedtime, or as we’re driving in the car, we love to pray together. A common phrase she starts off her prayers with is “Thank you THANK you, God, for…” and depending on the situation, it might be “healing my boo-boo,” or “all my friends comin’ over,” or “this food’s sooooo good.” I feel so honored to be her mother when I hear her talk to God. And I feel so happy that she’s already learning the importance of giving thanks.
Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. Regardless of your religion, ethnicity, or political views, if you are an American, you can appreciate our country’s history and take time to give thanks. Don’t we take so much for granted? With all of the light-hearted jokes I make about motherhood and it’s laughable inconviences, I truly am thankful for my life. I praise God daily for my loving husband and my sweet girls. I’m thankful for my family’s health. I’m thankful for my cozy little home and my working minivan. I’m thankful that I’m able to stay home with my children and teach them and love them and hold them and rock them. I’m thankful that I live in a country with freedom of speech and religion and equality. I’m thankful that I’m a daughter of the King and that I have the assurance and hope of spending eternity with Him.
We should take time daily to remind our children of the good things in their lives. And as Thanksgiving approaches, why not think about doing something together to make your blessings apparent. Make a tree and decorate it with “thankful leaves” or write your blessings on smooth stones and place them in a basket as “thankfulness milestones.” Let’s all take time to say, “Thank you THANK you God for this life–this beautiful, precious life.”

Loads of Laundry

a mom blog

Laundry is one of those household tasks I wish I had a maid for. It NEVER ends. I’ll feel like I’ve made a dent by sorting, washing, drying, and putting away four loads, only to remember that I need to change the sheets or wash the towels. Or maybe the baby throws up all over herself and her crib. Or maybe your little girl takes every article of clothing out of her dresser and hides them all over the house. (And the “smell test” doesn’t cut it because I swear she changes her clothes twenty-three times a day. So…into the washer they go.)
Laundry, like place settings at the dinner table, can symbolize the different stages of life. I think about the college student, wearing his last pair of clean underwear, driving home to mom so she can do it the way he likes. Or the newly weds with their neatly pressed, coordinated outfits, laid out the night before so they are ready to rush off to work in the morning. Then there’s the family with three teenage daughters with the mom who yells up the stairs, ‘Who left their lip gloss in their pocket!? Now it’s all over my blouse!” And the retired grandparents, wearing the same outfit for a five days in a row to conserve on their energy bill. But for moms with little ones at home, the biggest obstacle is just the sheer volume of it. It’s like the Energizer bunny–it just keeps going and going and going….
Don’t get me wrong…I’m thankful for my Kenmore washer and dryer. I’m thankful that I don’t have to put my laundry through a wringer-or worse–take it down to the river and scrub it on a rock. I’m even thankful that I don’t have to hang it on a line to dry (I’ve had way to many bad experiences with spiders and line-dried sheets). But once…just once…it’d be nice to have it magically appear back in my drawer, clean, pressed, and smelling like Snuggle.