Happy Birthday!

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Birthdays growing up were filled with anticipation and excitement, and it’s my desire to achieve the same enthusiasm in my own children. Of course I want them to feel loved, special, and appreciated throughout the year, but it’s nice to have one day that’s focused on demonstrating how happy we are that they were born into our family!
Although presents can certainly be a part of the birthday fun, I’m hesitant to create holidays where the presents override all other aspects. So I’m trying to figure out fun traditions to maintain that will be exciting, but not necessarily costly.
I think it’s fun to have them wake up to something out of the ordinary. For Rae this year it was balloons and streamers in her room and the downstairs decorated with the same. My mom used to have us come downstairs and be welcomed to our breakfast chair with a helium balloon bouquet tied to a bag of our favorite candy. Another idea might be to leave a “trail” of presents as their walking down to the breakfast table.
Another fun idea I’ve heard is to decorate a special plate that is only brought out for birthdays for the birthday boy/girl to eat all their meals on. Or designate a special hat or cape that only the birthday person gets to wear.
Meals can also be a fun part of birthdays…whether it’s inviting family over for dinner or going out to a place of the birthday boy/girl’s choice, letting him/her choose the meals for the day, or baking a special cake.
Parties can of course be an important part of birthdays, but It’s my goal to not have a HUGE party every year for each child. I think it can get a little overwhelming…and expensive, especially when you have multiple children! So I’m going to sort of “pick” years (for example, 1, 2, 4, 7, etc.) that the kids will get a big party with lots of family and friends. Then on the “off” years, we’ll either just have extended family over for cake and ice cream or do something special as a family.
Please share with us! What were some of your special birthday memories?


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. My family always did breakfast in bed as our special treat. Not when we were younger of course, but as we got older. I love eating breakfast in bed now – such a treat. Of course, being an extrovert though, I would get really depressed when everyone would leave to go eat breakfast at the table, so my sweet sister, Hannah, would stay and talk with me and I’d share with her.

    My mom also made my birthday cakes a lot of the time – which was really special. We got to pick the cake theme and she’d do it up.

  2. Not sure I can help you here, friend. We, of the Italiano persuasion, have the crazy huge birthday parties you may have been alluding to there… LOL We have way too much food, too much noise and too many people, as I’m sure you will recall from the many times you’ve so graciously attended/helped with aforesaid parties at my house. They lend a sort of tradition, slightly psychotic, but tradition, to my family. In all seriousness, often times I do something quiet and special with the individual child prior to all of the chaos, so maybe that counts? For instance, Faith and I share a love of books, so this year I took just her to Borders. I let her chose a book and get a special “latte” from the coffee shop. We spent a long time together going through the store and just hanging out. It was a really awesome bonding time for us. Realizing we have a common interest and being able to share it together made me look forward to the future and many years of friendship with my daughter. xo

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