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Kids pick up on so many things that we take for granted. For instance, have you ever noticed how many nicknames end in the sound “ee”? For example, our dog, Jonah, we call Jonie; then there’s our sweet Ally and sometimes we call Rae “Reggy“. And not only that, but many “endearing” names have a similar end sound (sweetie, Mommy, honey, etc.)
Well, yesterday I was in one of those grouchy moods (you know the kind…the “I know I’m grumpy for no reason but could you just stop asking me questions and leave me alone” mood). And after Rae asked me “watcha doin'” for about the twenty-seventh time, I looked at her and said, “Rae…please just go in the other room. I am in a bad mood and I need some time to get my heart right.”
With a look of generous sympathy, she nodded and said, “I know, I know” (in other words, saying she knew what to do). She went over to her little wooden table, folded her hands and commenced to pray, “God, please help Mommy’s heart not be such a bad mood. And…Gody? (apparently her sweet little nickname for God–yes, tears were rushing to my eyes)…thank you for helping Mommy be happy. Aaaamen.”
I bent down to eye level and said to her, “Oh, honey…God already answered your prayers. Thank you for praying for Mommy.”
And thank you, Gody, for using my daughter to remind me what an intimate God you are.


One thought on “Gody.

  1. Love that little sweetheart! You just brought tears to my eyes.. Brings to mind how Jesus reprimanded the disciplines for not allowing the little children to come to him. They always seem to have that special relationship with Him that is so unhindered by all of what we adults carry around! May “Gody” Bless you today my friend. Love you.

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