I’m SO not ready for puberty.

My three year old thinks she’s an adult. In her little brain there is a constant loop of the phrase “anything you can do I can do better.”
The other day we took a little walk to the park, and as I was helping her up the jungle gym I felt something crunchy in her pants, similar to what a diaper feels like. But Rae has been potty trained for some time now– so I peeked inside her undies and what did I find? A maxi pad. A perfectly placed Always Ultra Thin Maxi Pad with Wings. I asked her what she was wearing, and in reply she shrugged her shoulders and said with an indigent eye roll, “Just a pad, mom.”
After I had Ally, Rae was fascinated by the fact that I seemingly wore “diapers.” (Because all moms know that we can NEVER go to the bathroom by ourselves, so despite desiring privacy to attend to “afterbirth sanitary issues”, I eventually gave up and she got to enjoy the experience with me). I corrected her terminology and she began calling them “pads.” Well, apparently, on this special occasion, she got into the bathroom cabinet and found a maxi pad, removed it from the packaging, took off the wax paper strip and placed it perfectly in her Dora underpants.
All I could think, starring up at her cute little face on the jungle gym, was “I’m SO not ready for puberty.” I realize that it will probably come within the next 10 years, and it’s my desire to be open with my girls, helping them through all the difficult transitions of becoming a woman…I just didn’t suspect I’d need to start at age THREE!!!!


10 thoughts on “I’m SO not ready for puberty.

  1. Shannon this cracked me up!! HAHAHA… I LOVE it, as I too will probably face this in 2 short months. You’re a very good writer… and I (oh, and Andrew, too) got a great chuckle out of this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Oh Shannon, she is too much!! I can’t help but laugh/smile when I think of what your face must have looked like when you saw a pad in her pants…I think you’ve heard my stories about pads. But just in case, when Farrah was three she put one on each foot and when I found her sliding around the bathroom floor, she said she was “skiing”. When Faith was little she took about ten pads and “decorated” her new room with them. Didn’t know it until I walked in with a repairman and she asked if she could show him how she decorated her new room!! Happy Motherhood…xo

    • Shannon, this made me laugh so hard, I woke Matt up. Your daughter is hilarious! I love her flippant responses- as if we are the ones that need to catch up with her. Maybe we do!

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  4. this was hysterical. although, i hate to tell ya but it’s more like 8-10 years until puberty hits. i only have about 4 or 5. ahhhhhhhhh!

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