Don’t cry over spilt dirt

By 10:00 this morning I had almost finished cleaning my entire house.  I told Rae to head downstairs where I would join her after I finished cleaning the bathroom.  I knew something was terribly wrong, however, when a few moments later, my little white dog came running up the stairs, covered from head to toe with big chunks of black dirt.  As I braced myself and ran downstairs, lo and behold,  my freshly cleaned house (including the rugs we just had steam-cleaned three days ago) was covered in dirt…literal dirt.  My little girl decided it would be a great idea to try to cover the dog in dirt from the potted plant.  She proceeded to throw it on him as he ran all over the house and now my labor-intensive morning was all in vain.  There was dirt in the couch, dirt in the living room, dirt in the dining room, and–thanks to the dog– dirt all the way up the stairs. 

So I reacted the way any angelic mother like myself would…I screamed at the top of my voice “WHY DID YOU DO THIS!?!  WHAT THE HECK!!!”  Then I threw the dog in the mudroom and the child and in her bedroom.  As I looked around at the dirt-infested downstairs, I was just plain mad.  Mad and annoyed. Annoyed that my freshly cleaned house was now filthy; annoyed at all the work yet ahead of me;  annoyed that my almost three year old was still acting like a one year old; annoyed that no one knew how hard I worked and still had yet to work; annoyed that I couldn’t just “take it all in stride” and not be annoyed!

But an hour later, after the dirt was in the vacuum and my sanity was restored, I realized that like so many other moments in life, I would one day laugh about this.  Just like I can now laugh about how she once got into the desitin and smeared it all over herself and her entire dresser full of clothing; or how she shared her grape Popsicle with her four month old sister; or how she pooped on the floor and smeared it all over the bathroom; or how she  swallowed a watch battery and had to go to the ER. 

Time changes how we remember a lot of things, including life’s little  “annoyances.”  Suddenly, those things that once drove us nuts become little keepsakes.  So I guess when we are faced with an annoying situation, we just need to “grab the vacuum.”  Tomorrow, we’ll be laughing.


4 thoughts on “Don’t cry over spilt dirt

  1. OOh Shannon, your girls always give you a run for your money every day. Looking at Noah I always ask myself what sort of trouble I use to cause my mother when I was a baby. You have one sprited 3 year old!

  2. Oh, Shan! I feel the pain, my dear! Ellie just dumped half a gallon of hot milk into the sink (I was making yogurt) because she “didn’t know what it was for”! For the record, Ellie had a Desitin moment, too. Next time work it in this order…don’t get mad, get the camera…and then get the vacuum 🙂 We would all love to have seen pics of the dirt-laden house.

  3. You’re a warrior to have your whole house almost totally clean by 10 a.m.! Way to go. Reagan is such a handful, but oh, what stories you have to laugh over. I’m glad you can keep the positive attitude and like you say in your 9/14 post, remember you’re forgiven and to forgive your crazy little person bent upon destruction. One day, when she has her own, she will thank you. ;]

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